UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019: Here’s How To Effectively Utilize India Year Book for Exam Preparation

how to effectively utilize India Year Book for IAS UPSC exam preparation.
India Year book utilization tips

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2019 on June 2.

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019: Here’s how to effectively utilize India Year Book for exam preparation.

1. Schedule IYB after the NCERT’s – Having read the NCERT books, a basic understanding of the topics will help a student to read India Year Book in a more relatable mode. The topics that you may have already read in the NCERT’s will be easier to understand with real-life situations and examples. Answers for most questions of National and International importance can be framed from these IYB facts! It also helps in selective reading for only the relevant topics.

2. Make sure that you do the reading based on a selected subject that you are supposed to read for the day or the topic that you are covering for that particular study session. Apart from it, you should also take other weekly/ monthly magazines which will guide you in daily awareness. Such as Kurukshetra and YOJANA magazines.

3. India Year Book is one of the best sources of information in regard to the Governmental Schemes, policies and other programs for the social welfare, which makes it crucial, read about all these topics, in detail. Make crisp notes, hand-written, for the important points as you go with the topics and ensure that you are using this subject wise material up to the point and specific about what goes in your notebook.

4. Similarly, developmental schemes and policies can be covered by the IYB. Be selective about the topics as per the UPSC’s syllabus for Civil Services Exam.

5. Regarding the latest acts, bills, laws or related reforms by the government, consult platforms like the PRS website for detailed information and read it with the IYB for a better understanding. Make separate notes for each of these important topics and read on a weekly base.

6. Apart from these, environment, science & technology, geography, industry, energy and many more topics are very crucial topics which must be read from the India Year Book.

7. Organizational data & facts mentioned in the IYB are for the purpose of reference only and hence it is subject to changes. Be open to researching a bit more about the important organizational structures, for framing a more relevant answer with an accurate factual backing.

8. An intelligent preparation is always most strategically planned, and the plan is dedicatedly followed. As well as comprehensively designed India Year Book will add value to the preparation for India’s most competitive Civil Services Examination. Apart from it, Student should also prepare from past exam papers.

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